6. května 2012 v 22:32 |  Básničky
We are standing in this place full of oak trees,
You´re enjoying every single moment in this place,
You´re not worried about anything, not even these bees,
You´re just standing there waching these bloody red roses.

This place is so quiet and beautiful,
You wish you could stay there forever,
You can´t find anything uncomfortable, nothing harmful,
But reality is different, one day you will have to go.

This would be a perfect place to live, but you already know,
But nothing can be forever...
So we will enjoy this time together now,
Then, after some time, we´ll remeber on these days, which stayed in our hearts forever.

This is how I dreamed our day,
But with exception that we´re gonna be together forever,
Death is the only bill we have to pay,
So I don´t care about duture, all what I need to know is that you will be in it too.

I don´t want to fill in your head even a single lie,
Not everytime I have words to say, but I have arms to make you feel better,
And one day, on cemetery, in peace and together we´re gonna die,
After that we´ll be together for all the times for real my love.

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1 KT Wild* KT Wild* | Web | 7. května 2012 v 19:25 | Reagovat

Nádherný zlato,stejně jako dnešek.))* Miluju tě*

2 ODBOI ODBOI | Web | 7. května 2012 v 20:28 | Reagovat

Děkuju* Já tebe taky*)

3 Woow Woow | 31. října 2017 v 15:51 | Reagovat


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