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16. srpna 2012 v 14:34 |  Básničky
Yes, I have an addiction
My addiction is love
It´s like closed station
No tickets you´ve bought

One-way door to inside
And no way back
Still sitting by your side
Kissing your lovely neck

I don´t want to return
And I won´t leave you
Now it is my turn
But you already knew

At the end of our long way
We´ll be sitting side by side
I´ll be watching you whole day
We´ll see each other on the ther side

My soul´ll be by your
Till the end of all
We´ll enter our own door
The loveliest place - waterfall

Your eyes are like sunshine
Glowing at me in night
They are all mine
They are the real light

Your hairs are like blue sea
They´re beauty of this world
They´re kind mystery for me
You can´t subscribe them in one word

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