This dream´s gonna become a true, I hope..

16. srpna 2012 v 14:38 |  Básničky
My heart is sure,
And it´s all for you,
My love is pure,
And it´s big like the sea of blue.

I want to be with you all the time,
I have no wish, they´re all done,
Because you´re all mine,
With you I have a lot of fun.

But not allways just a fun,
All, what I want, need is you to be fine,
You´re for me the only one,
I wish we won´t never die.

I love you my dear,
I want you to be my wife,
With you I don´t feel any fear,
With you it gonna be a GREAT life.

I said it and I say it again,
You´re the one I want to marry,
I know I´m not a perfect man,
You are my sexy fearie.

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