6. ledna 2016 v 21:55
Sititing here, going through some old stuff and listenin to Johnny Cash. Realized I fuckin lost my tabs, can´t finish the bloody songs. Had some thoughts though, but man can´t have everything, right? Also found some old poems, all i see when I read them are grammar mistakes, cause the poems don´t mean nothing to me now. But since this is such a sentimental evening..I´ll post one of ´em.

"Every minute without you,
is like a prison,
I can just wait for our meeting,
I love you I have more reasons,
and I have not any reason,
Love your touches, smile and kissing.

You´re my luck,
you´re my life,
I want to fuck,
I´ll be your wife.

I could stay awake,
just to hear you breath,
It´s the best sound in the world,
I ´d never cheat on you, hate it,
Cause love isn´t just a word."

Well..there you have it. I personally find it funny. There´s no point dwelling on the past, but sometimes it´s nice to recall some things, such as what an idiot a was. Maybe not, maybe i was a regular kid, with no experience with this kind of thing. Earlier I read some line that i really liked, so I´ll write it here.. "I love you and I know that I will not ever love anyone the way I love you, because I will never be the same as I am at this moment, which is fading away, while I´m talking about it and I can´t stop it from fading away, not even with my own life."

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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